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Recruitment in Western Canada and Ontario

A new way to outsource recruiting 

Welcome to Customized Recruitment

Hiring takes time and expertise. As a busy business leader, your focus is on operating and strengthening your business. Your choices are to either manage the process internally or hire an external recruiting agency. If what you need is something in between, we have the solution.


Customized Recruitment subcontracts the job of an internal recruiter.   We are your outsourced Talent Acquisition Managers.

attracting  and hiring specific to your business

Project Based, Affordable Talent Acquisition

We manage a 10-step hiring process that starts with writing an effective job posting and ends with your business hiring a top talent employee. 


We ensure the process is managed in a way that takes the heavy lifting of recruiting off your hands and into ours.  Your time is only spent on interviewing candidates that are fully qualified for the position you are filling.   


When you need to hire, and don't have the time, resources or expertise, we are your solution that can fit with your budget. 

"Because businesses should have access to professional and affordable recruiting."

Let’s Partner

to Save You Time and Money

Customized Recruitment was founded by Theresa Bolton, to provide customized Talent Acquisition Management on an as-needed basis for small to medium sized businesses, associations and non-profit organizations in Western Canada and Ontario. 


Upgrade your bench strength - don't just fill A position, fill it with the best!

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