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Save your time,
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Ten Steps to a Successful Recruitment:


Write an effective job posting: it needs to be clear, concise and appealing to your candidate target market. A job posting is NOT a job description.

Strategically post your job advertisement:  if you were the perfect candidate for this job, where would you be looking?

Review resumes: your decisions should not be based only on qualifications, but also identifying risks and barriers to employment.  

Short-list resumes:  identifying candidates with the highest potential of performance and lowest potential of risk.

Phone/video screen candidates:  asking key questions before scheduling interviews to ensure that every candidate you interview is a good use of your valuable time.

Coordinate interviews: doing this promptly and on your behalf to save you time and to avoid risking candidate drop-off.  Good candidates don't stay on the market long and phone tag is a challenge.

Debrief from interviews:  setting expectations and timelines both with hiring managers and candidates.

Conduct thorough references: ensuring that candidates can do the job in a positive, conscientious, cohesive and safe manner based on past performance.

Negotiate offer: ensure the compensation you offer is fair to you and the candidate and establishing the terms of an offer of employment with comfort and ease.

Conclude search: follow up with unsuccessful candidates to ensure they feel appreciated and respected, thus preserving and promoting your brand as an employer of choice.

Let's find the BEST candidate

Why Work With Us?

  • Because hiring an agency is expensive and hiring a full-time internal recruiter isn't always an option.  We give you the best of both worlds at an attractive and affordable project based price.  

  • We help mitigate the risk of a poor hire by ensuring red flags are identified and addressed.

  • Because we help you break free of hiring on skill and firing on fit. Together we evaluate not just knowledge, skill and ability but also "fit".

  • We ensure we work in a time sensitive manner– good candidates do not stay on the market long; don’t risk losing talent because of delays. 

  • Because our process manages candidates attracted to your business and not ours.  These are "your" candidates, not "our" candidates.

  • We create a candidate centric recruiting campaign for you.  We design your recruitment strategy through the eyes of a perspective employee and attracts individuals that are right for your business.

  • We ensure a positive candidate experience by managing the process in a professional and courteous fashion that promotes your brand as an employer of choice.

  • We have the ability to manage the process for both internal candidates (existing employees) and external candidates on your behalf to ensure a fair and neutral experience.

  • We provide a professional and impartial analysis of candidates based on the needs of your business 

  • Our talent management service is a flat fee and can be customized to suit the needs of your organization.


grow your team with top talent 

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