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Recruitment in Western Canada and Ontario

Subcontract your Talent Acquisition to us



We are not a recruiting agency

We manage a high-quality, smooth and thorough 

10-step process that promotes your business and attracts candidates interested in working for YOU and YOUR organization.

Unlike recruitment agencies, we don't have our candidates, we find you your candidates.  


Principal & Professional Recruiter| Customized Recruitment

Theresa Bolton

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Theresa approaches the hiring process with enthusiasm, focus and fervor. 

She began her career in recruitment in 2009. Her practice area was Sales and Marketing with a specialization in Insurance and Agriculture. Within two years, she was the top producer in the firm, with one of the largest and most profitable recruiting practices in Winnipeg.


In 2015, she was hired by a national agriculture company to build a recruiting division from the ground up. After five years in her role as Corporate Director of Recruiting, she made the decision to return to agency recruitment.

She returned to work in a search agency and saw how much the recruiting landscape had changed. She identified a gap between internal recruiting  and external recruiting and designed Customized Recruitment to offer businesses a better way to hire talent.

Theresa has in excess of 10,000 hours of experience in agency recruitment and an excess of 10,000 hours of internal recruitment experience. 

Offering a refined and insightly perspective to help recruit the best candidates for you and your organization, Theresa is committed to ensuring that your new employees are invested in your business.

hire an expert to recruit top talent for your business

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